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gear (time capsule)

I am, I suppose, inspired, a little bit, but mostly Scott just reminds me that I’ve wanted to make a list (regularly) about this stuff. And not for you – for me, and for me-in-two-years to look back and laugh. … Continue reading

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I’ve owned pzizz for a year and half now. I’m not a big user of pzizz – sometimes I’ll use it twice in a week to get to sleep, but then I’ll go months without thinking about it. In particular, … Continue reading

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switching back (for iTunes)

It was one of the few reasons I got interested in Macs in the first place: sure, iTunes is awesome on XP, but if I got a Mac, then I’d have a bunch of other like-minded applications that could work … Continue reading

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on switching

A couple people have told me that they can’t believe I bought a Mac. (I’m still a little surprised by it myself some days.) I am not a raving evangelist, but people still ask me if I’m happy with OS … Continue reading

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I’m using Mozy at home now.  It waits until you’re not using your computer and starts sending changesets to Mozy servers.  It’s free if you sign up for their goofy newsletter, which I do, and since I understand how to … Continue reading

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firefox tabs

If Firefox has a killer feature for hardcore web users*, it’s middle-clicking to get a new tab. On one hand, it’s a performance booster: if I see a link in the middle of a page that I’d like to visit, … Continue reading

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foldershare – pretty great

I try out a lot of applications, and there are a bunch that I use all the time to make my computer life easier.  Some stand out more than others, but one that I’ve been using for about a year, … Continue reading

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rescue operation

So, given that Christie had work (and at least $50 in un-backed-up iTunes music) on the hard drive, acknowledging (or even jumping to the conclusion) that the computer might be dead, dead-dead, unbootable from a CD or anything else-dead… was … Continue reading

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The Tubbsitron KA, a computer I built with my own hands, and the machine I replaced just last year at this time, appears to be catatonic.  I gave it to Christie about six months ago, set her up with some … Continue reading

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google desktop 2

Google’s been busy, busy, busy this week.  The most significant release was Google Talk, which is a pretty ho-hum chat client.  I haven’t used it’s Skype-like features, but I do appreciate the fact that multiple machines can be logged into … Continue reading

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