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state of the blog

Administrative posts. I hope my readers love them, because they’re what I’m best at. Yesterday I installed the new WordPress 3.0, and today I dropped in the new Twenty Ten theme. I updated the commenting system, although what’s being said … Continue reading

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hi there

A whole year and one comment. From my brother, saying “also, your face”. Which I hear all the time, in my head, anyway. Whatever happened to the posts? The regular posts were never all that regular, were they? If they … Continue reading

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This is just a test of TextMate. WordPress added support for tagging, so I don’t need any tag-related plugins anymore, but I had made some changes to TM to accommodate things of that nature, so this will probably fail. Or … Continue reading

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quick update

Hey everyone. I really did quit my job. My last day included a well-attended lunch at a Chinese buffet, which was nice except for it didn’t summarize in a tidy hour everything bitter and sweet about leaving a job of … Continue reading

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Hi everyone. I’ve got a perfectly good explanation for the past month. I really do. I got fed up at my job and started looking at alternatives. It was the kind of “fed up” where you say to yourself “I … Continue reading

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I’m the best blogger ever. Most of my posts are “hey, let’s see if this configuration tweak worked.” Since you’re asking, I’m trying to get tags working again. They aren’t, or haven’t. update: TextMate, brilliant as it is, must have … Continue reading

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an image

I think this might give me an image. As the kids say, “TextMate for the win”. Not sure why they say that.

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blogging from TextMate

This is really pretty much just a test of posting stuff directly from TextMate. I’ll have to check to make sure that comments are on pings are off the category is okay Other than that, we should be cool. It … Continue reading

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not much of a blogger

Or so says Cratchit (who actually said I’m not much of a blogger “these days”, which allows us both to reflect on the glory days of blogging everything we bought, every cheese sandwich we ate, and every annoying person who … Continue reading

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wordpress futzing

I suppose part of my block about writing has been the old design. It was the first thing I whipped up after I installed WordPress: not bad, but not perfect. And while I appreciated the flexibility advantages over TypePad, WordPress … Continue reading

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