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the RSS a-list

Marco Arment, in defense of good RSS habits: RSS is a great tool that’s very easy to misuse. And if you’re subscribing to any feeds that post more than about 10 items per day, you’re probably misusing it. I don’t … Continue reading


state of the blog

Administrative posts. I hope my readers love them, because they’re what I’m best at. Yesterday I installed the new WordPress 3.0, and today I dropped in the new Twenty Ten theme. I updated the commenting system, although what’s being said … Continue reading

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lala replacements

So I wrote about Lala, and the excellent album-format streaming they do. A lot of people told me about alternatives I wasn’t aware of, so let me talk about those for a sec. One friend said that Zune does everything … Continue reading



If you talked to me in December, chances are I told you about, a site I became aware of when Apple bought it. Apple shuttered it a few weeks ago, likely to introduce their own iTunes website where you … Continue reading

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the single exclamation point rule

One rule I try to live by: one exclamation point per email. I encourage you to do the same. Marketers agree!


@WCCOBreaking my heart

Here’s what I want: some notification system for important news. I am not chained to the grid of mainstream news and that’s a conversation for another time, but if someone rolls up and says “woo hoo, America elected a black … Continue reading

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from power user to developer

Note: I intend to include more technical, work-related stuff in the blog now. That shouldn’t be terribly distracting to two or three of my readers, but I’d like the other two or three not to give up just because this … Continue reading

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gear (time capsule)

I am, I suppose, inspired, a little bit, but mostly Scott just reminds me that I’ve wanted to make a list (regularly) about this stuff. And not for you – for me, and for me-in-two-years to look back and laugh. … Continue reading

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on email addresses

I’ve had the same email address for over 11 years. I know people who switch up every year, and I’m not that guy. I couldn’t do that. But with about 30 spam messages a day coming into my original ( … Continue reading


hi there

A whole year and one comment. From my brother, saying “also, your face”. Which I hear all the time, in my head, anyway. Whatever happened to the posts? The regular posts were never all that regular, were they? If they … Continue reading

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