About Dan

My name is Dan Nordquist. I live in Minnesota, and I’ve had this blog up since 1999. Before that, I would update my home page to let people know what I was up to, but I wiped it every month to make room for the next month’s message. That’s about the only difference between what I was doing in 1995 and your “blog” as she is practiced in modern America.

The blog covers topics as diverse as my job (software development, mostly .NET, mostly for the web), my kids (twins, born in 2003, and a new girl in 2010), music, poker, NFL football, Getting Things Done, Macs, Minnesota, news, food, and television. I am in lots of other places on the internet, and I don’t know any other Dan Nordquists. So whomever you think you’ve found, it’s probably me.

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