hi there

A whole year and one comment. From my brother, saying “also, your face”. Which I hear all the time, in my head, anyway.

Whatever happened to the posts?

The regular posts were never all that regular, were they? If they made a difference to your day, you never called, you never wrote. The album of the week posts were a bad idea anyway. I’d love to do an MP3 blog, still, but I have a lot of other ideas, too. It all still seems vaguely illegal, and yet still completely just? If that makes sense?

I would love to get on board with Tumblr one day, and I’ve actually signed up for a posterous blog, but those still seem like new tools to do a dead or dying thing: write “articles”. I love stories, and I love to narrate, but nobody does that any more. Nobody makes the clackity. (Genius, but if I’m saying what I’m thinking here, I’m going to be saying that Merlin Mann is a genius a lot.) We’re a nation of Facebookers and rebloggers and Twitterers.

How’s life, otherwise?

The kids (twins, they are, if you’ve forgotten) are starting first grade in five days. We’ve already been by, once, to drop off fifty pounds of school supplies in five plastic Target bags. The upcoming weekend is

  1. the last of summer
  2. the last without NFL football
  3. the last where the kids don’t have bowling league. Seriously.

The wife has a fabulous librarian job. Starting any minute now, we’ll have two incomes again for the first time in three years. It’s a little unnerving, actually: things will be tightly scheduled. There will be no room for error. And yet I think we’ll adapt.

And what about your work?

Well, I got to a point at the beginning of the year where I started feeling comfortable calling myself a contractor. “This is going pretty well,” I’d say to myself, “and I suppose I can start really embracing that part of what I do.” Then I signed a deal to convert to a full-time employee, which is excellent, because I’m at the happiest place I’ve ever worked. It’s really ideal.

Let’s talk about Three Dog Night, the history of Three Dog Night.

That’s not a very good question for me, but I did hear someone ask that on the radio this morning, before I’d heard that he was a member of Three Dog Night. He says that they were the most popular band in America at one point, which I think I disagree with. That’s still a lot of records, though.

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8 Responses to hi there

  1. selectgender says:

    Ho do you guys cope with both having jobs and looking after the twins too?

  2. selectgender says:

    Ho do you guys cope with both having jobs and looking after the twins too?

    • Julhaldo says:

      It’s a relief to find soemone who can explain things so well

    • La vitesse de lecture dépend, selon mon expérience de rédacteur professionnel, de plusieurs critères : – support (type et taille de l’écran, comme du papier : journal, magazine) – implication du lecteur par rapport au sujet/contenu – lisibilité sur le plan du graphisme (police de caractère, couleurs, interligne, etc.) – lisibilité sur le plan des mots (accessible ou jargon et langage abscons) – l’environnement de lecture (au calme ou dans un endroit bruyant). Quand on mesure la vitesse de lecture, on ne tient généralement compte que d’un seul critère.

  3. selectgender says:

    Ho do you guys cope with both having jobs and looking after the twins too?

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