playoff picks

Okay, we were at $720 last I checked. If I lose all four of these, then I’ll be at $60, and it’ll be sad. But that won’t happen.

$150 on NY Jets -6 vs. Indianapolis

Woe is anyone who plays the Jets right now. I don’t know how such an average team got so hot, but I don’t think they’ll suddenly get cold against playoff pushovers like the Colts. I know Indy picked up Dungy because of his playoff experience, but he comes from the Buccaneers. Enough said.

$150 on Green Bay -6.5 vs. Atlanta

Yeah, Vick’s probably still a little upset about the Pro Bowl voting (he got only one first place vote), but do you really think he’s going to do his little running up and down the field thing in Lambeau? Against Favre (14 MVP votes)? FAVRE?

$150 on Pittsburgh -8 vs. Cleveland

Now I don’t love Pittsburgh, and I certainly don’t relish the idea of giving eight points, but I think Cleveland will fold here. They’re fine, but they are in the playoffs thanks to some strange tiebreaker that nobody understands. They represent all four 9-7 AFC teams, which includes Miami, New England, and Denver, which is a lot of suck to bring into Pittsburgh.

$150 on NY Giants +3.5 at San Francisco

Come on, Kerry Collins. BE Brett Favre. Get me my money back that I lost by betting on the 49ers and their graham-cracker spines a few weeks ago.

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  1. dan says:

    jets win, +150… green bay chokes, -$165… pittsburgh fails to cover, -$165… san fran wins but doesn't cover, +$150… now at $690. look for more bold predictions thurs as usual.

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